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How To Choose The Best Home Tiles

Choose the best home tiles for tiling services

If you’re wondering what an excellent addition to your home is, you can always go for tiles. There’s a significant variety of styles, textures, and materials that can match your interior design needs.

Why Are Tiles A Good Choice At Home?

Tiles can add aesthetic value to your home, as well as added functionality. You usually install tiles in the bathroom or kitchen, but other parts can benefit as well. 


Tiles work best for kitchen counters and floors. These floor coverings clean easily, and they can resist slight water damage. 

Tiles will also add beauty to your kitchen, making your home inviting to guests. The materials best for the kitchen are slate, ceramic, stone, and metallic. 


Your bathroom needs tiles, especially for the shower area. Shower tiles are water-resistant, and they aren’t prone to mold when appropriately cleaned.

Tiles clean and dry quickly, so this is good news for people who splash water everywhere during showers. Choose the right texture so your floor won’t be too slippery. Try to settle with slip-resistant tiles, especially for the shower floor.

Other areas

Tiles may not be as functional in other parts of the house, but they add beauty, especially to your front porch or living room. You can choose tiles with fancy designs to make your home look inviting.

Deciding on the best tiles can be nerve-wracking. Luckily, Perth has a trusted tiling company that has the experience and serves its customers well.

Things To Remember About Bathroom Tiles

Even if the other parts of your home don’t have tiles, your bathroom will surely need them. Installing and replacing these coverings can be hard work, so you need to know which tiles work best. 

1. Consider the tile size

Your tile size should complement the size of your bathroom. Large tiles usually work well with small spaces because they look full and have less grout. 

2. Choose the design carefully

Have the tiles match the overall look of your bathroom. These pieces can bring a room together when appropriately chosen. 

3. Think about the texture

Various textures need different cleaning techniques, so think wisely before you decide. These textures can also determine how slippery your bathroom will be. Rougher tiles are suitable for the shower floor. 

4. Material is essential

There are several tiles on the market — ceramic, stone, slate, and more. It’s essential to think about which type works best with your bathroom.

Choosing Tiles For The Shower

Showers usually use tiles; they’re the best choice for this part of the bathroom. If you’re stuck on choosing the right tiles for your shower area, make sure to consider these tips.

Shower floor

Shower floors can be slippery, so you need a slip-resistant tile. Mosaic porcelain or any textured tile works excellent with your shower floor. Try to ensure the tiles have several grout lines for traction. 

Shower wall

You don’t step on your shower walls, so you don’t have to worry about slipping. You can choose your desired material, as long as it matches the design of your bathroom. A trusted tile installer can help you decide which materials work best for your bathroom. 

What Is Regrouting?

Over time, the tiles in your shower may look old and overused. The shower area is constantly wet, and the porous substance between your tiles could absorb moisture. You might think it’s time to replace all the pieces, but there’s a more straightforward solution for you — maybe your tiles just need good regrouting.

Regrouting is when you remove the old filling between tiles and replace it with a new one. This process is excellent for preserving your tiles, especially the ones that aren’t damaged.

The process is simple enough for D.I.Y., but hiring a shower tile repair company is always a better choice for good quality work.

Give your trusted repair company a call when you notice leaks and color changes in your tile grout. These services in Perth are always ready to assist you. 

How To Care For Your Grout

The best way to keep the grout in good condition is by having a regular cleaning routine. Wipe the area dry daily after you shower, and clean it with a baking soda paste every week. These steps will keep your tiles looking good as new.

Bleach can also clean the severe stains that won’t come off with baking soda. Try to keep the area clean so your shower continues to look beautiful. If the grout damage is too severe, maybe it’s time to stop trying to save it and focus more on replacement.

How To Find The Best Tile Repair Services

Always look for tiling companies with years of experience. If you don’t have one yet, our services in Perth are the best the region has to offer!

We are a compassionate team that always leaves room for innovation, meaning we’re always thinking of new ways to please our customers. Our expert workers are always ready to greet you with a smile, and we’re prepared to take on any tile challenge in your home.

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You can always reach out when you need us. For inquiries, you can give us a call for any shower tile repair emergencies. Our services are always ready!