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Why Are Large Format Tiles Necessary for Your Home?

Large Format Tiles Installation

Large format tiles are the way to go when you want a little modern drama while maintaining a clean and streamlined design. They are no longer exclusive to commercial use. They are also becoming popular in residential applications. Due to their expansive size and minimum grout lines, they create a sleek appearance and a sense of space, adding unexpected flair to your house. Due to their exceptional adaptability, large format tiles may be installed in every area of the house, replacing carpeting, wallpaper, wood floors, and existing tile.

In this article, we will be going over why large format tiles are necessary for your home so you can create an aesthetically pleasing interior without the need for expensive renovations!

What exactly are large format tiles?

Large format tiles have a modern, clean, and sleek appearance, but they can also complement the older interior design motifs of traditional homes. They are wall or floor tiles that are larger than the standard 12-by-12-inch size, with each tile able to cover a relatively considerable area, and are often referred to as “slabs.” They are offered in numerous materials, including natural stone, glass, and porcelain. Large format floor tiles are frequently found in supermarkets, hotel lobbies, and even on the exterior of other commercial spaces. Due to technological advancements in digital printing, porcelain tiles can be printed to resemble genuine stone, concrete, metal, wood, and even cloth.

When should I use large format tiles?

Large format tiles are the greatest asset of a shower. One or two large tiles can be used to construct a shower wall, and one large tile with a drain hole cut into it can serve as the shower floor. In reality, even smaller bathrooms can benefit from large format wall and floor tiles. In some homes, large format tiles have replaced smaller tiles as the backsplash behind the sink.

Large format tiles are a fantastic choice for the flooring surrounding bathroom fixtures. Consequently, they make excellent laundry room floors. These tiles have fewer joints that might absorb water, gather dirt, and foster mould growth. The kitchen could very well be the most popular location for installing large format tiles. 

Additionally, they contrast nicely with the appliances, cabinets, and countertops. Large format tiles can also improve a spacious room or an entire floor with an open layout. Smaller tiles with numerous grout lines can overwhelm an area, especially if their patterns are detailed. The sleek, unbroken appearance of most large format tiles can give a room a “dramatic” impression or gravitas. It works nicely in larger rooms or rooms that you want to appear larger than they are.

What are the benefits that come with using large format tiles?

  1. Barely noticeable grout lines

Reduced grout space is arguably the most essential design factor of large format tiles. As a result of the tile’s more excellent coverage, it requires less grout space between the tiles, making it much simpler to achieve a clean, cohesive appearance in the design. The design renders grout lines nearly invisible and creates a wallpaper impression. Large format tiles can serve as an alternative to paint or wallpaper on walls. Also, there is no need to repaint or worry about wallpaper stains in the future.

  1. Aesthetically appealing

Large format tiles offer a variety of aesthetic benefits for interior design. Their spacious and streamlined design provides your home with a more contemporary appearance. They produce an aesthetically pleasing broad surface with an enhanced modern edge. Larger tiles provide fewer grout lines, creating an aesthetically pleasing and smooth surface. Large format floor tiles make nearly every area appear more open and spacious. Longer rectangular tiles will provide the sense of additional space in a room by drawing the eye to the furthest corners.

Despite the fact that it is merely an illusion, the psychological effect can be powerful. The advantages of a large format tile arrangement are especially perceptible in small spaces, such as bathrooms or efficiency apartments, where people frequently feel claustrophobic. Large format tiles can accentuate a spacious area or an open layout. However, smaller tiles with numerous grout lines can overload an otherwise clear space.

  1. Minimal maintenance and effortless cleaning

Large, continuous floors are easier to clean than those with extensive grout lines. In addition, with a large format tile plan, there is less need to scrub the grout, which is notorious for collecting dirt, filth, and germs. Large format floor tiles are almost identical in composition to smaller tiles. Therefore, it is best to adhere to the cleaning instructions for the specific design of your tiles.

Be sure to scrub grout lines periodically because they collect dirt. While the lines between large format tiles are so few, it is not nearly as laborious as cleaning floors with a great deal of exposed grout. Regardless of where it is installed, large format tiles offer the most straightforward maintenance regimen to maintain tiles clean and avoid future damage.

  1. Affordable pricing and installation

Large format tiles can often be purchased and installed for less money. When fewer individual tiles are required to cover a more oversized floor or wall area, materials that mimic genuine stone can be less expensive. Keep in mind, however, that it takes an experienced professional with the best equipment to measure tile exactly enough to avoid wasting material.

Tiles, grout, mortar, and other installation materials are utilised in an efficient installation. And in terms of labour, employees may spend slightly less time installing single tiles with a more significant surface area. But only if they have experience handling them with the appropriate tools.

Due to cutting, alignment, grouting, and the requirement to ensure all tiles are level, installing smaller tiles are more labour-intensive. Since there are fewer grout lines, installing large-format tiles may require less time and effort. Consider the size and weight of large-format tiles as well as the paid time required to transport and handle them. Again, if you’re not a professional, the hard labour and any resulting breakage could erase any savings.

  1. Versatility with tile customization

Does your renovation project require tile pieces with specific dimensions or shapes? This is how they install floors with angled edges, around bathroom fixtures, and in other locations with uneven dimensions. Large format tiles can be sliced into any shape or size due to their size, making them flexible pieces. Large format tile can be fashioned into round or square tabletops, kitchen islands, feature walls for artwork, kitchen countertops, and more.

Large tiles can also be cut into unique shapes for the floor, allowing for an alternative tile layout pattern that would be impossible with standard-sized tiles. Large format tiles have a clear advantage over smaller ones: often, just one large tile must be cut instead of several smaller ones. This reduces the necessity of aligning the borders of multiple-cut tiles. That is, of course, assuming the cuts are made with excellent precision by a trained individual using the appropriate tile saws or manual cutters.

  1. Large format porcelain tiles can be ultralight and long-lasting.

Did you know that porcelain is a common material for large format tiles? This is due to the production procedure. Since it is stamped or pressed before being smelted in fire, its composition is denser than that of other tiles. Therefore, porcelain is highly resilient and can be created in bigger sizes, making it a prefered large format floor tile. 

Despite its increased density and larger size, porcelain tile is far lighter than, for instance, genuine stone slabs. These are some persuasive arguments for the widespread adoption of porcelain tiles with a large format. They can be found in both residential and business settings.

  1. Taking your tiling projects outside of the bathroom and kitchen

It is crucial to realise that tiles are not only utilised in your bathroom and kitchen; more and more homeowners are incorporating them into their reception areas, hallways, living rooms, and even bedrooms. Large format tiles are the best option for tiling a large area of your home and are also suitable for people who wish to seamlessly transfer their indoor tiles into outdoor rooms. 

Large format tiles are a popular choice for people who want to put tiles across a house because of their capacity to make minor areas appear more substantial. Outdoor tiles can expand your living space into the garden and match your home decor. Whenever possible, ensure that the designs of your interior and external tiles correspond.

How to maximise the potential of your large format tiles

Large format tiles give a lively aesthetic and look best in wide spacious areas. It is ideal for matching the grout colour to the tile when laying new tiles. Due to the trim colour contrast, doing so will help expand the area and visually provide a sense of openness. If you want to add a bit of distinction to your home, choose a grout that is a slight shade darker or lighter than the tile itself. This will still give your room a vast appearance, with some colour contrast.

If you stretch the floor tiles up the walls, you may also utilise large format tiles effectively in smaller rooms. This gives the room a cohesive appearance and creates the illusion that it is much longer. Additionally, to maximise a small space, paint the walls a colour that nearly matches the tiles. This will produce a seamless appearance throughout the room. Remember that the lighter the tile and paint colours you choose, the larger the space will appear. When standard rectangular or square tiles do not fit your space, you can create a unique tile design by having the tiles cut into custom shapes, such as triangles, to accommodate your space. 

Bottom line

When selecting tiles for your home, you must consider all the aspects we discussed. Taking the time to prepare and consult with interior design professionals will allow you to install tiles with a uniform appearance throughout your home.

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