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7 Simple Ways To Make Your Bathrooms Safer

There is a reason why many of us refer to our bathrooms as “comfort rooms.” We take the time to design them so that they will be a relaxing area of our house. After all, this is where we spend a considerable amount of “me” time.

Different people dress up their own bathrooms in different ways. Some prefer to keep the design simple and straightforward as a neat design element keeps them calm. 

However, there are also those who want a luxurious design aesthetic. They want calming earth tones, complete with many candles and soft rugs inside the bathroom. The lighting has to be warm and relaxing so that when they take a hot bath, they will feel at peace.

Other people, meanwhile, want their bathrooms to have the latest and most advanced technology. Some put a television with surround sound so they can watch movies while in the bathtub. Some want a jacuzzi with high tech massage and temperature features.

No matter your personal style, one thing that you must never neglect is safety. Here are some ideas that will help you make your bathrooms safer:

  1. Must grab items
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Grab bars are your best friend inside the bathroom. They do not only prevent falls, but they also support you whenever you move out of the bathtub or shower area. This is especially helpful for the elderly and could spell the difference between life and death for them. So get grab bars that are bolted to the wall so you can be sure about their strength and capacity.

  1. Step up, too

If you have children in the home, you would know how they want to be more independent as they grow older. While this is good and will be helpful for their development, it is also a cause of concern for parents.

Kids are playful and will explore the bathroom. If they are wet, they are prone to slipping. If they cannot reach areas, they will try to get them no matter what.

That is why it is essential to give them step tools with enough support. This way, when they brush their teeth or reach for items, they will not have a hard time.

  1. Catch me, I’m falling

The first thing you need to do is to keep everything within reach. When you are in the shower, what would you usually need? Keep them close so you won’t have to exert efforts in reaching for them as this can cause slips and falls. Planning ahead will help you a lot.

It would be best to clean regularly as mould and mildew will make surfaces extra slippery. Aside from this, they have health risks, too, so make sure to keep them away.

In addition, you can add anti-slip mats in strategic areas. You may place them inside the shower area or the bathtub. Make sure you have them on the floor areas you usually step on.

  1. Too hot, too cold

Another area of concern in the bathroom is water temperature. Young kids and the elderly can suffer from burns because of water that’s too hot. 

Regulate and set a maximum temperature for your water. There are also heat-sensitive toys that will help you and your loved ones ensure that the temperature is at safe levels.

  1. Seat of power

Adding a shower or bath seat setup is also a safety feature you can consider. Although this is mainly used for the elderly, adding a seat can also be relaxing when you want to spend more time inside the bathroom.

These are now available in more modern and stylish designs. Just make sure you approach professionals so they can factor in weight capacity.

  1. Let there be light

Another way to make your bathroom safe is to provide sufficient lighting. If you are into mood lighting, that is fine. You can install warm light fixtures to achieve the aesthetics you want.

But this should be in addition to bright lighting that you can always switch on when you need to. Remember, a lot happens in the bathroom. So you need enough lighting when you need to find an earring that fell on the floor or when you are looking for the source of a leak.

Practicality should always still be there, even if you are trying to achieve a particular look for your bathroom.

In addition, install nightlights, so you do not have to worry about stumbling in the dark in the middle of the night. Sometimes, we do not wish to turn the light on as our eyes are sensitive when we have just woken up. Nightlights will provide soft lighting so you can still navigate your way inside the bathroom.

  1. Call centre
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Although most people now have cellphones and many bring them inside the bathroom, a telephone is another layer of protection. In the unfortunate event that a loved one encounters an accident, a bathroom phone can help ensure that they will have access to immediate help.

If you can install a medical alert system, it will be even better.

These minor adjustments may seem inconsequential. But they will contribute to a safe bathroom for all your family members. When it comes to safety, there should be no compromise.

Hire only experts that specialize in bathroom renovations in Perth. Going to the right company will save you a lot of trouble, stress, and money.