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New Look 2022: Best Bathroom Design Ideas

Do you want to have a new bathroom look this 2022? While we do not spend the majority of our waking hours in the bathroom, it is one of the most significant rooms in our house. Throughout the years, countless inventions for various bathroom designs have emerged. Some trends lasted for decades, while some were forgotten almost immediately. 

From daring blues to sleek angles, there is a ton of layouts you can choose from as inspiration for your bathroom. This article will focus on the bathroom designs you will want to know about that may dominate in 2022. 

Bold wallpapers 

A lot of homeowners are now being more fearless and creative when it comes to their bathroom layouts. More and more are choosing bold statements over simple strategies. One way to spice up your bathroom space is by adding wallpapers. However, if you want to take it a step further, choose bold wallpapers. You can put this on one section in the bathroom, instead of all over the walls. One common zone perfect for bold wallpapers is the spot beside bathtubs. This will help you wake the most out of the otherwise bare wall. 

Spa layouts 

Spas are all about relaxation, pleasant odours, and charming interiors. If you want the same atmosphere inside your bathroom, you can choose to add more spa-like features this 2022. This can mean adding natural decor for a more calming look, stocking towels, laying pebbles on the floor, and more. You can transform your bathroom into any spa you desire, so take advantage of this opportunity to create the spa of your dreams in your own house.

White marble 

white marble in bathroom

Some trends come and go, but white marble stays forever. This design is not only gorgeous, but it is also moisture resistant. As a result, it will extend the life of your bathroom. It will also not take much work to clean them.

Plants, plants, plants

Bringing plants inside your home can instantly improve the environment. This is why an increasing number of homeowners are placing them in their bathrooms. The good news is that having a shower plant helps lower the number of pollutants in the air. Plants not only remove carbon dioxide from the air and replace it with oxygen, but they also filter out hazardous poisons.

Mixed textures 

In interior design, texture refers to a material’s surface quality. Most homeowners choose to add texture to their walls. However, the texture should not only be limited to that. Floors, fixtures, and other decor items can all be given texture to make the bathroom more interesting. Overall, you should only consider two or three textures to avoid the room looking too chaotic. It is also worth noting that applying texture is not ideal for every bathroom space, as it can make certain areas appear smaller. Therefore, you should only apply this design if you have a spacious area to work with.

Vintage fixtures 

While vintage designs appear “old-fashioned,” they are still very much trendy. Vintage design elicits strong emotions since it instils a sense of nostalgia in people of all ages. For your bathroom, you can apply vintage layouts to your lighting fixtures. You can also choose more vintage accessories, like mirrors, baskets, and toothbrush holders, for added flair. 

Eye-catching murals 

A mural is a term that refers to a painting that is applied directly to a wall. They are frequently sighted in public areas but have recently been spotted inside restrooms. They are striking and may easily be used to make a statement within the home. Moreover, a wall mural has the advantage of being as versatile and creative as you like. You do not need to be a trained artist to create a custom wall mural. Therefore, you should consider conceptualising your bathroom’s spare wall.

Marble bathtubs 

Some homeowners are now putting it up a notch when it comes to their bathtubs. Some are choosing freestanding tubs and some bold pigmented ones. However, one tub design that is sure to stay this year is marble bathtubs. Marble is and has long been a preferred material. Despite its opulence and delicate appearance, this robust and practical stone is ideal for tubs. Furthermore, adding marble in the bathroom is a definite approach to introducing an attractive aesthetic regardless of its use. 

Bringing the outdoors in 

If you want a more refreshing environment inside your home, then bring the outdoors inside the bathroom. You can do this by adding more windows either on the windows or ceilings. This way, you can have a genuinely calming time while inside the bathroom. You can also install more fixtures with natural elements, like wood and stone. In general, a mix of light and natural tones will lend your bathroom a sense of tranquillity and retreat.

Blending old and new 

While some may find this choice a bit risky, it won’t hurt to make daring decisions. Not only is mixing the old and new unique, but it also gives you a chance to show your personality. You can search around for the best trends and choose which one is best suited for your bathroom. 

Bathroom Renovations 
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