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Quick Shower Repair Tips: Things To Do Before Hiring A Repairman

Shower Repair Perth

Isn’t it annoying and frustrating whenever you turn on the shower to find the water freezing? A bad way to start the day is with a faulty and malfunctioning electric shower.

It is probably one of the worst wake-up calls during a Monday with the threat of a busy week looming ahead of you. Although, what can you do? Either fix the issue yourself or hire a professional to do it.

Electric showers can have various issues from time to time, whether that be insufficient water pressure or a heater malfunction. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury nor time to fix it completely. If you are in a hurry and in a rush to fix your electric shower, these quick and easy tips may come in extra handy. 

It is vital to note that dealing with electrical components and equipment can be dangerous, especially for those with little to no knowledge and experience. When it comes to shower repairs, you can always call in a professional repairman or technician for assistance. 

Frequent Electric Shower Issues

For starters, an electric shower works by quickly heating water using a heating element or source powered by electricity, hence the name. It is considered the most common domestic water solution since it is the go-to shower for several households. It is fed by a cold water supply and primarily relies on pressure to create a satisfying and wonderful shower experience. 

Electric showers are easy to install, versatile, and help save energy. Unfortunately, because of its electric components, it is susceptible and vulnerable to malfunction and problems. 

Understanding how to find and diagnose faults in your electric shower can save you time as well as a few headaches and a bit of cash. Here are some common issues and problems with electric showers you might encounter in the future and how you can remedy and fix them.

Shower Repair Perth

1. Showering With Lukewarm Water

Tepid or lukewarm water is a frequent issue with electric showers. It is mainly caused by a malfunctioning damaged heating element or microswitch.

The case may be due to the lack of power the microswitch is getting, which can be caused by a burned-out switch. Or perhaps the heating element is failing, leading to your water not heating up as it should. 

To solve the problem, you can replace the microswitch. If the issue persists, the entire heating element may need to be replaced. 

2. The Temperature Of The Water Is Fluctuating

Another issue that might arise is fluctuating water temperature. If your shower is alternating between hot and cold, it might be caused by the lack of water flow that reaches the heating element. 

To ensure that your water supply is enough, ensure that the primary water valve is completely open. If you are experiencing low pressure in your home, you can call a professional for assistance.

3. Only Cold Water Is Pouring Out Of The Shower

If your shower only produces cold water, check the safety switch. This feature is responsible for cutting off power to stop it from reaching dangerously high temperatures. 

You can call in a professional to replace the safety switch. That should give enough power to heat the water going through your shower’s heating element. 

4. Water Is Dripping From The Bottom Of The Unit

Water can escape from the bottom of the shower unit if the pressure is too high. If the shower house is obstructed, it can cause the pressure to increase and rise.

A pressure relief mechanism is typically included in electric showers to assist and manage pressure. Whenever the pressure inside the hot water tank rises too high, the pressure relief mechanism activates, and the water flows out of the shower unit’s bottom valve. 

To prevent leaks, you can clear the blockage. Shower leaks should be addressed by a plumber or professional to avoid them becoming a recurring problem.

Shower Repair Perth

5. No Water Is Pouring Out At All

The solenoid valve is frequently the cause of water not coming out of the shower. A coil controls the water flow, and if it breaks, the valve will shut off. It’s a simple fix of replacing the coil to ensure that enough water flows into your shower. 

More Severe Problems With Electric Showers

If you are not familiar with electric safety rules, electric showers will prove to be hazardous. If you have any issue or problem with your electric shower, it is wise to stop using it and contact a professional to fix it immediately .

  • The Trip Switch is Constantly Turning Off the Electric Shower

The water is likely coming into contact with the wiring if you keep turning it on. This will cause the electricity to keep tripping out. Turning on the shower control should be avoided, and you must report the issue to a qualified and skilled repairman. 

  • Burning Odor or Smell

Problems in the wiring mainly cause a burning odor. In this instance, you must immediately turn off your electric shower at once to prevent more problems. 

  • Shower That Has Come Loose From The Wall

Due to a powerful electric current going through it, an electric shower that came loose from the wall is hazardous. It means that getting water into the wirings is highly possible, causing more severe problems.

Immediately disconnect the electricity at the breaker box and get help from a professional to have it reinstalled. 

Cold showers in the morning are enough to ruin someone’s day. To prevent it from happening, you must maintain your electric shower. Consider the tips above or check the shower repair services from  GIB Tiling Perth to assist you.